Welcome to AAA Stone Incorporated
We are the wholesaler and retailer in Anaheim, California dedicated to providing the best Brazilian stone for your home.

Our beautiful granite slab and Brazilian stone looks beautiful, is affordable and is perfect for granite counter tops. When you want only the finest and most stunning kitchen counter tops and bathroom counter tops, the only place you need to shop is AAA Stone Incorporated.

We supply granite slab and granite counter tops to everyone between LA and San Diego. We have a slab yard open to the public and a huge selection. You won’t find more or better quality kitchen counter tops and bathroom counter tops in California.

We also perform expert tile installation. Our granite and Brazilian stone tiles will look beautiful in your home and our tile installation will ensure that the tiles are set up properly to look great for years to come.

For more information on AAA Stone Incorporated, call us today at (714) 881-1230 or come see our great granite and counter top selection in person at:

AAA Stone Incorporated
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